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So Mid Century

Check out these cute engraved decanters and mid-century bar from the blog So Mid Century. The glasses say His and Hers and the decanter says Ours. so cute! So Mid Century is a blog by Lexington (KY) photographer and artist Lucy Chesnut and boyfriend Bryant.  Lucy had the glasses and decanter custom printed and found the bar second hand. Follow their journey as they renovate their new home in mid-century style featuring DIY projects, great vintage finds and more!

For glass screen printing in Louisville check out Steve Heine at Cranium Glass

For your other screen printing needs check out Louisville companies Monkey Drive and Mad Pixel.

Home Spotlight – Jacque Parsley

Today we’re taking a peek into the home of Louisville artist Jacque Parsley and her husband Dr. Robert Solinger.  This couple lives in the Crescent Hill neighborhood in a restored barn. The architecture and layout of the house are unique which add interesting elements of design. They have an extensive art collection, in-home gallery walls, artistic furniture, a spiral staircase and more! Jacque and Robert don’t abide by the conservative rules of hanging art and matching color schemes. Their design taste is bold and exciting.  Their home is a mix of museum quality work with the fun and whimsy of a circus. It’s absolutely gorgeous! We could go on and on but the pictures will speak for themselves.


Bring a little barn into your home

Frames are more than just something art goes in. Frames are vital to the work in them and are important features in design.  Barnwood frames are a great way to bring in Southern Rustic Style into your home. They give a natural organic feel and can fit into a range of styles including country, bohemian and vintage.

Below are a few different types of barnwood frames that I’ve found. The one on the left I made into a dry erase board. The other two have old art inside that came when I bought the frames and I’ll replace that with my own artwork.

All of these items I found at Louisville Peddlers’ Malls.


Salvo Collective

July 1, marked the opening of a new era in Louisville design. Salvo Collective, located on Shelby Street in the East Market Galley District, combines high end style with Kentucky craft. Focusing on repurposed and recycled materials, the 15+ artists span across a variety of mediums from wood furniture, glass,  bicycle spoke lamps, and leather bags.  As one looks at the merchandise, it’s easy to see that each artist has a unique style but there is a common theme that ties it all together. I wanted to buy one of everything and take it home!  My favorite items were the bicycle spoke lamps, limestone washboard sink, and the leather owl clutch bag.  Prices vary from more expensive (furniture) to more affordable (ceramics, jewelry, stationary). There is something for everyone though, so make sure to check them out at the next gallery hop downtown or during their hours: Wednesday & Thursday 11-3, Friday & Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-4. Follow their facebook page for updates on new products, events, and more!

Learn more

Some photos courtesy of Salvo Collective

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is a company that has been offering fair trade items from around the world for over 50 years.  They are one of the largest fair trade organizations and provide products to retail stores, operate an online store, and sell at festivals across the country.  As their mission statement says,  “The company encourages artisan partners to use environmentally friendly processes, sustainable natural resources and recycled materials to ensure each product offered has been crafted responsibly. ”

Buying fair trade is not much more expensive than purchasing other items. I love buying fair trade because I know that the money I spend goes to feeding families, providing sustainable work and economy, and brings a little culture to my home. Providing everything from furniture to incense holders there is a large range of products for every style.  Learn more. (You can even create a wedding registry on their website!)

Here are a few items that I love.

Grazing Zebra Stool handpainted and made of Jacaranda wood from Kenya. $74

Laminated Bamboo Vase from Vietnam. $44

Tree of Life Tapestry from Peru. $160

Pyramid Paper Lampshade from India made with handmade paper. $24

Paisley Tablecoth from India. $44

Bamboo Bowl from India. $28

Modern Vintage

I am definitely all about upcycling furniture and buying actual vintage pieces but not everyone wants to drive out to peddler’s malls and dig through thrift stores.  Many people are intimidated and not sure where to even start looking! Some people don’t have time or the means to restore old furniture. For those of you who fall under any of these categories, Ikea is an easy and affordable way to add a vintage feel to your home.  I buy most of my stuff second hand but I also have  items from Ikea like rugs, lamps, and a kitchen island.