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Getting Married?

I celebrated my first wedding anniversary this month! We used mostly vintage and handmade items in the wedding so I thought I’d share some photos to help give other brides inspiration.

Photos by Winters Photography: Handmade fabric bouquets, Handmade banner with colored lanterns, Handmade button as boutineer, maple bacon donuts from local bakery, blue wedding shoes with handmade garland made by friend, beverages, handmade hair clips for bridesmaids, handmade fabric garland, handmade cheesecake by friend, theatre where wedding ceremony was held, goup shot from reception, handmade hair clip and dress on flower girl


Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with needles, thread and yarn.  I am a big fan of embroidery artwork with yarn.  Here are three vintage works that I have. These pieces have a country craft feel but still embody mid-century style.

Visit to learn how to embroider for yourself!

For local information about embroidery check out Louisville Embroidery at 714 E Chesnut street, The Embroider’s Guild of America at 426 W Jefferson Street, or You’re Sew Vain at 3937 Chenoweth Square



Free Monthly Giveaway – Apron

Congrats to Meg Shaffer for winning the September Pyrex giveaway! October’s giveaway is just as amazing and is perfect for Autumn. When the weather gets cold, I always get in a baking mood and what better way to bake than in this handmade vintage apron! This plaid apron is handmade by Fly Away Fox with vintage and repurposed materials.  It’s brown with orange and brown stripes, ties in the back and has two pockets in the front.

To be eligible for the giveaway just post about what you love to bake in Autumn! Pumpkin pie? apple crumble? Let us know!

DIY – baby tag blanket

This is an easy project that will take you less than 30 minutes to create! Why buy a generic baby blanket when you can make your own original one for around $15!

What you need:

  • half a yard of fabric. probably something soft like a flannel or fleece.
  • spool of ribbon.
  • thread to match fabric and ribbon
  • sewing machine
  • pins

Step 1: cut fabric into two identical rectangles.  If using the entire 1/2 yard is too big, you can cut the fabric down to 20″ x 16″ which is a good size for a baby 0-3 months. The smaller size is also good to use for strollers or baby carriers as a covering.

Step 2: cut ribbon into 6 inch strips. For 20″ x 16″ you need 14 strips. For larger size use 16-20.

Step 3: lay fabric pieces so that outside fabric is facing in, and the lining is facing outside

Step 4: fold ribbon in loops and pin to fabric. Pin loops facing inside. For 20″ x 16″ pin 3 loops to short side, 4 loops to long side. For larger side pin 4-5 loops to short side, 5-6 loops to long side.

Step 5: sew 3 sides down with sewing machine using basic straight stitch. sew 3/4 of last side leaving small 1 inch hole to pull blanket inside out.

Step 6: pull blanket inside out, iron out wrinkles and flatten blanket

Step 7: slip stitch 1 inch hole and close up blanket

Step 8: give blanket to a baby! the ribbon loops are perfect for teething and playing and helping babies develop motor skills


There are a lot of online selling sites for artists and crafters. You’re probably most familiar with Etsy, eBay, and Craiglist. There are some new ones popping up that you might want to check out, like Copious.  Copious was started in January of this year by some guys in San Francisco. I saw an ad for Copious on my facebook page, so I signed up for a free account to see what it was all about.

After signing up, I grew a little frustrated with the functionality of the program. I was unable to edit information on my profile and there was no space for a bio or a link to my website.  Also, you’re limited in the types of items you can list.  Foods and baked goods are not allowed at present.

As I browsed the marketplace, much of what I saw was very expensive. Designer handbags priced at $1250, $100 tees, and so on. There were a few cool handmade and vintage items I found, but I had to search for them. One of which is seller Lisa Filler. She had a few retro clutches and a pair of vintage shoes I loved. (too bad they were too small!)  I also liked the vintage fabric pendant from Amanda Buechler.

I don’t want to be too harsh though, because the site has only been around for only 8 months. Also they’re in beta-mode which means that the product isn’t fully completed yet. Hence the functionality difficulties and unfinished design.

It’s free to list items and only 6% is taken by Copious off the purchase price so if you’re looking to increase your presence on the web, you might want to get an account. I’m sure as the company gets more funding that the functionality and design of the website will get better. Also, they’re hiring.

New Headbands

Check out these new colorful headbands that we’ll be selling on Etsy!  All of the headbands are made with vintage and/or repurposed fabrics.  We’ve got a variety of sizes and colors to fit any style.

Just Creations

Just Creations is a fair trade retail store and non-profit organization. Situated in the heart of Crescent Hill on historic Frankfort Avenue, this store is the only one of its kind in Louisville.  I have the fortune of being on the board of directors there but I was a customer long before that.  They sell everything including baskets, coffee, dresses, notecards, artwork and toys. It’s the one place in town where you want to be a consumer. Because Just Creations is a fair trade store, they pay fair wages for the products they buy. This provides people overseas and in the US with money to provide for their families. It’s the kind of place where you learn the stories behind the products and then you want to buy everything because you know it’s helping people put food on their table.  Below are some of my favorite Just Creations products that I own.  The woven purse is from Egypt, the red scarf from South America, the baskets from Africa.

Stop by Just Creations and get yourself some fair trade international treasures.

2722 Frankfort Avenue. Open Monday-Saturday 10-6PM.

Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages is a company that has been offering fair trade items from around the world for over 50 years.  They are one of the largest fair trade organizations and provide products to retail stores, operate an online store, and sell at festivals across the country.  As their mission statement says,  “The company encourages artisan partners to use environmentally friendly processes, sustainable natural resources and recycled materials to ensure each product offered has been crafted responsibly. ”

Buying fair trade is not much more expensive than purchasing other items. I love buying fair trade because I know that the money I spend goes to feeding families, providing sustainable work and economy, and brings a little culture to my home. Providing everything from furniture to incense holders there is a large range of products for every style.  Learn more. (You can even create a wedding registry on their website!)

Here are a few items that I love.

Grazing Zebra Stool handpainted and made of Jacaranda wood from Kenya. $74

Laminated Bamboo Vase from Vietnam. $44

Tree of Life Tapestry from Peru. $160

Pyramid Paper Lampshade from India made with handmade paper. $24

Paisley Tablecoth from India. $44

Bamboo Bowl from India. $28

Ovenfork Mercantile and Antiques

On Saturday May 14, I was on a mountaintop removal witness tour in Eastern KY. We stopped at a local vintage store run by Barbara Church. The wife of a coal miner, Barbara has grown up in Southeast Kentucky and opened the store 20 years ago after her husband passed away. It’s a fabulous collection of antiques from Letcher County and the surrounding area. The building is made up of two cabins and situated literally in the woods. It’s gorgeous! The antique store is also home to a bed and breakfast which creates a place where tourists and locals can come together and interact. I couldn’t take enough photos to describe the treasures inside. I purchased some vintage cookbooks and homemade fudge but I wanted to take home everything! Over 100 owl figurines and antiques are throughout the store, as well as old cameras, antique furniture, colored glass, vinyl records and more!