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Nitty Gritty

The Nitty Gritty is a staple in Vintage Clothing stores for Louisville. In 2000, Terri Burt opened the  store in the hopes of keeping it around for six months. 11 years later, the Nitty Gritty is thriving and offers some of the best vintage finds in town.  They sell men and women’s clothing, costumes, home decor, shoes and accessories.  Stop by and pick up some unique vintage items for your fall wardrobe!

Hours are Monday-Saturday 11AM-6PM and Sunday 11AM-5PM. Located at 996 Barrett Avenue.

The Thriftshopper

This website is a great resource for thrift stores all across the country! It lists over 20 stores for Louisville! Add that list with Southern Indiana and you have enough places to shop locally for months!

It’s also great if you’re on vacation and looking for a cool vintage place to shop.

Start shopping today!

DIY – baby tag blanket

This is an easy project that will take you less than 30 minutes to create! Why buy a generic baby blanket when you can make your own original one for around $15!

What you need:

  • half a yard of fabric. probably something soft like a flannel or fleece.
  • spool of ribbon.
  • thread to match fabric and ribbon
  • sewing machine
  • pins

Step 1: cut fabric into two identical rectangles.  If using the entire 1/2 yard is too big, you can cut the fabric down to 20″ x 16″ which is a good size for a baby 0-3 months. The smaller size is also good to use for strollers or baby carriers as a covering.

Step 2: cut ribbon into 6 inch strips. For 20″ x 16″ you need 14 strips. For larger size use 16-20.

Step 3: lay fabric pieces so that outside fabric is facing in, and the lining is facing outside

Step 4: fold ribbon in loops and pin to fabric. Pin loops facing inside. For 20″ x 16″ pin 3 loops to short side, 4 loops to long side. For larger side pin 4-5 loops to short side, 5-6 loops to long side.

Step 5: sew 3 sides down with sewing machine using basic straight stitch. sew 3/4 of last side leaving small 1 inch hole to pull blanket inside out.

Step 6: pull blanket inside out, iron out wrinkles and flatten blanket

Step 7: slip stitch 1 inch hole and close up blanket

Step 8: give blanket to a baby! the ribbon loops are perfect for teething and playing and helping babies develop motor skills

Designers’ Show House

Don’t miss the 38th Annual Designer’s Show House! This event put together by the Bellarmine University Women’s Council features over 30 Louisville interior designers. The designers each take part in redesigning part of a home that is for sale. This year’s home is owned by Dr. and Mrs. Andrew West and is being marketing by Semonin Realtors. The house is a 1920 Scottish Tudor Home with over 7,000 square feet of living space.

Tickets are only $15 so make sure you stop by as the Show House ends September 25.

Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday – 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Designers will be in their rooms from 5 to 7 p.m.)
Sunday – noon – 5 pm


The iPhone is a great tool that you can use to help with design and style.  Here are a few iPhone apps that I use regularly to help with my art business and obsession with vintage shopping. The best part is that all of these apps are free!

  Yard Sale Mapper – This iPhone app helps you find yard sales in your neighborhood and city. It then allows you to map out the most efficient route to all of the yard sales you want to attend.  I used it this past weekend and found some amazing vintage finds at multiple yard sales all within 10 minutes of my house.

Instagram – This iPhone app lets you take photographs and then edit them with interesting filters. The filters make your photographs look vintage, modern and artistic.  You can then send the photos to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. I use this app to take cool photos of projects I’m working on for Etsy, interesting vintage items I find, and cool design and architecture I find around town. You can follow other people and see what photographs they’re taking too.

Square – This iPhone app allows you to swipe credit cards anytime, anywhere. It’s free to sign up and they provide you with a plug-in that you put in your phone to swipe credit cards.  Also, they only take 2 cents off of each dollar you receive.  It’s a great way to swipe credit cards at art and craft fairs, yard sales and more!

HGTV to Go – this iPhone app allows you look up TV shows on HGTV, photos of projects and more! It allows you to stay connected to design inspiration and bookmark your favorite things that you find.

I also have iPhone apps for Pinterest, Craftgawker, and interior design.  You can also purchase iPhone apps like Craftsy and Etsy Lovers for only $0.99.




Affordable Art Fair

Shop local this weekend at the Affordable Art Fair! Part of Sojourn Church’s Fall Festival in Germantown. Featured sellers include Posies and Plume, Only Embry, Mickie Winters, Red Poppy Jewelry and more! It’s a great opportunity to have some fun and support local artists and crafters.

Saturday, September 17, 12-6PM. The festival  will also have live music, games, family activities and food. Learn more!

Photos: Posies and Plume headband, Red Poppy Jewelry earrings


There are a lot of online selling sites for artists and crafters. You’re probably most familiar with Etsy, eBay, and Craiglist. There are some new ones popping up that you might want to check out, like Copious.  Copious was started in January of this year by some guys in San Francisco. I saw an ad for Copious on my facebook page, so I signed up for a free account to see what it was all about.

After signing up, I grew a little frustrated with the functionality of the program. I was unable to edit information on my profile and there was no space for a bio or a link to my website.  Also, you’re limited in the types of items you can list.  Foods and baked goods are not allowed at present.

As I browsed the marketplace, much of what I saw was very expensive. Designer handbags priced at $1250, $100 tees, and so on. There were a few cool handmade and vintage items I found, but I had to search for them. One of which is seller Lisa Filler. She had a few retro clutches and a pair of vintage shoes I loved. (too bad they were too small!)  I also liked the vintage fabric pendant from Amanda Buechler.

I don’t want to be too harsh though, because the site has only been around for only 8 months. Also they’re in beta-mode which means that the product isn’t fully completed yet. Hence the functionality difficulties and unfinished design.

It’s free to list items and only 6% is taken by Copious off the purchase price so if you’re looking to increase your presence on the web, you might want to get an account. I’m sure as the company gets more funding that the functionality and design of the website will get better. Also, they’re hiring.

Free Monthly Giveaway – Pyrex!

Congratulations to Liz Richards for winning the August giveaway! Organic Provence Herbs! (locally grown in Kentucky) These Provence herbs include: thyme, basil, fennel, savory and lavender. They’re fragrant and delicious!

September’s giveaway is also spectacular! You definitely want to sign up for this. Fly Away Fox is giving away vintage Pyrex.  We’ve got a set of three Old Orchard Pyrex mixing bowls.  This Pyrex style came out in 1974 and is known for it’s light golden brown color with darker brown outlined fruit images. The bowl sizes are: 1/2 gallon, 1 1/2 quart, and 1 1/2 pint.

These bowls will definitely give your kitchen a vintage feel! To be eligible to win the giveaway just comment on this post about your favorite pyrex!  The winner will be chosen randomly in early October. Get excited and don’t forget to like our  facebook page!

Rachel Mueler

I recently viewed Rachel Mueler’s work at the Tim Faulkner Gallery in Louisville, KY. Rachel’s work represents mythology, fantasy and emotion. The figures, though odd in appearance, appear delicate and soft in each work. Her mixing of materials (watercolor, gouache, and ink) and use of negative space is brilliant and adds depth to the paintings.  The photos included below are part of the Fuyapasa series from 2011.

The landscape and characters of the Fuyapasa embody the dynamic struggle between the self and other, both internally and externally. The Fuyapasa are monsters. They are guardians. They are heroes.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Meuler

Photo credits: Tripod Twinsies, Egghead Sage, Bridgebone, Tumor Toadstool, Birdcage Twinsies, Humer Bridge


I know I’m a little late in the game but I finally got a Pinterest accountt! Follow our pins as we not only showcase designs and crafts but also local and regional design and crafts.  We’re going to use Pinterest as another way to highlight Kentucky artists and designers as well as the surrounding states! Let’s shop local together!

This astro turf/fake grass chair is from Crib Fashion but you find similar benches like this at Garage Bar on Market Street in downtown Louisville. To make your own just purchase some astro turf or fake grass from Home Depot or Lowes. They often have rolls for sale that have been cut wrong. All you need is an old bench or chair, a staple gun and some glue. It’s cheap and a fun way to dress up your outdoor furniture!