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Ovenfork Mercantile and Antiques

On Saturday May 14, I was on a mountaintop removal witness tour in Eastern KY. We stopped at a local vintage store run by Barbara Church. The wife of a coal miner, Barbara has grown up in Southeast Kentucky and opened the store 20 years ago after her husband passed away. It’s a fabulous collection of antiques from Letcher County and the surrounding area. The building is made up of two cabins and situated literally in the woods. It’s gorgeous! The antique store is also home to a bed and breakfast which creates a place where tourists and locals can come together and interact. I couldn’t take enough photos to describe the treasures inside. I purchased some vintage cookbooks and homemade fudge but I wanted to take home everything! Over 100 owl figurines and antiques are throughout the store, as well as old cameras, antique furniture, colored glass, vinyl records and more!