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Discovering New Albany

A few weeks ago, my friend Rachel and I heard about a vintage bicycle parade happening in downtown New Albany.  We were intrigued and had to see check it out.



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Wallpaper doesn’t have to be outdated and boring.  If used properly, wallpaper can add a lot of personality to your home. Use it on an accent wall or in a hallway.   Second Hand Rose has a lot of vintage inspired designs that I love.

second hand rose 2

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New Social Media Icons

I found these free social media icons in a post on the Nifty Social Media Blog. I just added the ones below to my blog.  They have 20 different ones you can choose from that are all free!

vintage social media icons

Grandma’s House

Lately my Grandma has started giving me and my sister vintage goodies every time we visit.  Most of the items no one else appreciates so it’s great for us! The other day we hit the jackpot! I received a vintage teapot my Grandmother’s friend made in 1957, a milk glass pitcher, a vintage plate another one of my Grandmother’s friends made, and a vintage French glass canister.

The plate is a mosaic with ceramic leaves. Both it and the teapot have gold accents (the plate is gold underneath and the teapot has a gold handle)


The French canister has “Le Parfait” engraved in the glass and the pitcher has images of grapes and fruit. The milk glass belonged to my great-grandmother.

Believe it or not, Facebook has been a treasure trove for me. I’ve discovered a variety of great new websites and businesses on there. I recently came across this new start-up in San Francisco called Started in 2011, is an online shopping website specializing in clothes and accessories like shoes and bags.

The website is easy to navigate and includes a large selection of vintage items but you have to sift through a lot of bad stuff to find the good pieces.  Designer clothes are also available including brands like Urban Outfitters and Burberry. It’s not as well designed as Etsy, but has only been around for a year and is still growing. You can search by Brand name, style, color, and category of item (i.e. skirt, pants, etc)

I’ve spent time browsing the vintage clothes and have come across quite a few that I like. Here are some of my favorites. (Click on the image to visit the online shop)

If you’re in the mood for Spring cleaning, list your stuff on and make some money!


I love Jadeite. It is characterized by an opaque, pale-green color and looks a lot like porcelain and milk glass. I think it has a sophisticated retro feel and really adds some great color to your tableware and kitchen. I’ve seen it a few items at Antique Malls but many of the items are very expensive because they’re collectibles. Paula Deen collects Jadeite and her website had some great factual information about it. Read on below.

McKee was the first to manufacture jadeite, but the Jeannette Glass Company is credited for coining the name. However, Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation became its largest producer. In 1942, Anchor Hocking debuted the popular Fire-King line in a variety of colors, but jadeite (or “Jade-ite” as the company calls it) remained in high demand for 30 years.

The stain- and heat-resistant tableware was served in frugal diners across America. Additionally, restaurant owners could save money by serving coffee in thick-rimmed “cheater mugs” that appeared to hold more than they actually did. The simple design of the Anchor Hocking Restaurant Ware was one of the most popular lines produced from 1950 to 1956. Today, Restaurant Ware is also the most collected, in part because of its sheer abundance. Read more.

Here are some photos of Jadeite items that I’ve seen on my vintage shopping trips.



I recently bought a vintage Salton hot food tray at a yard sale for $1! Salton is a brand that started making appliances in Canada in the 1950s. I think my food tray is from the 1960s based on color and design.  This hot plate not only warms your food but also looks good on the table! I’m excited to use it when I host my Mad Men party in a few weeks!

Nitty Gritty

The Nitty Gritty is a staple in Vintage Clothing stores for Louisville. In 2000, Terri Burt opened the  store in the hopes of keeping it around for six months. 11 years later, the Nitty Gritty is thriving and offers some of the best vintage finds in town.  They sell men and women’s clothing, costumes, home decor, shoes and accessories.  Stop by and pick up some unique vintage items for your fall wardrobe!

Hours are Monday-Saturday 11AM-6PM and Sunday 11AM-5PM. Located at 996 Barrett Avenue.

Antique Malls

I love Antique Malls! On vacation I visited an antique mall in an old tobacco barn in Asheville, NC and the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall in Charlotte, NC.  These places are a must to visit if you’re ever in the area. The photos below are from my visit to the antique mall in Asheville, NC. This barn was set out in the country and you could hear crickets inside the booths! This antique mall had some of the oldest items that I’ve seen anywhere. It was phenomenal!


There are a lot of online selling sites for artists and crafters. You’re probably most familiar with Etsy, eBay, and Craiglist. There are some new ones popping up that you might want to check out, like Copious.  Copious was started in January of this year by some guys in San Francisco. I saw an ad for Copious on my facebook page, so I signed up for a free account to see what it was all about.

After signing up, I grew a little frustrated with the functionality of the program. I was unable to edit information on my profile and there was no space for a bio or a link to my website.  Also, you’re limited in the types of items you can list.  Foods and baked goods are not allowed at present.

As I browsed the marketplace, much of what I saw was very expensive. Designer handbags priced at $1250, $100 tees, and so on. There were a few cool handmade and vintage items I found, but I had to search for them. One of which is seller Lisa Filler. She had a few retro clutches and a pair of vintage shoes I loved. (too bad they were too small!)  I also liked the vintage fabric pendant from Amanda Buechler.

I don’t want to be too harsh though, because the site has only been around for only 8 months. Also they’re in beta-mode which means that the product isn’t fully completed yet. Hence the functionality difficulties and unfinished design.

It’s free to list items and only 6% is taken by Copious off the purchase price so if you’re looking to increase your presence on the web, you might want to get an account. I’m sure as the company gets more funding that the functionality and design of the website will get better. Also, they’re hiring.