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Preston Highway

I’m going to start doing ‘Shop Local Friday’ posts about great vintage and design stores in and around Louisville.  My pick for this post is a string of shops on Preston Highway near Audubon Parkway. My sister and I went exploring a few days ago and came out with some great finds. Our first stop was Woodstock Shop, a cool catch all kind of place run by a young couple. They’ve only been open since November 2010 and have done quite a good job of finding some great unique vintage items. I picked up a pair of 1970s drinking glasses from an old steak house!  My husband and I are really into typography so these will work perfect in our home. They have words like Strip Steak, French Fries, Idaho Potatoe, Ribeye.

Other stores in the strip include Dress Up Consignment, Riverhorse Designs, Junk in the Trunk and Seek and Fine. Junk in the Trunk was a huge success. They have lots of vintage colored glass and kitchenware like Fireking and Federal Milk Glass. I picked up some owl salt and pepper shakers for my shop and as gifts for friends.

Seek and Find was also a lot of fun. If you’re looking for Pyrex sets, that is where I would go. They have lots of mixing bowl sets. I saw at least four sets. I can’t remember exactly what sets they have but here are a few of my favorite Pyrex patterns.  Left to Right: Friendship, Butterprint, Rainbow Stripes.


Buy Local First Fair

On Sunday May 22, I had a booth at the Buy Local First Fair. It was Fly Away Fox’s debut to the public. I made some great contacts and even got invited to participate in another craft fair! Below are pictures of some of the items I sold. (sorry they can’t be replicated. everything is one-of-a-kind) Check out my ‘Shop’ page to view other vintage items I have for sale.