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Tickled Pink

I decided to visit Tickled Pink last week because I have heard so many good things about it. After I arrived and looked around, I thought to myself, “How have I never been here before? This place is amazing!” It was truly amazing. Tickled Pink is a vintage mecca!

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Flea Off Market

Tomorrow I’ll be selling at the April Flea Off Market, a once-a-month outdoor bazaar that will take place in the heart of Louisville, off Market on Shelby Street. There will be dozens of vendors each month offering a wide variety of items you’ll want to bring home! There will be books, records, bicycles, kittens, antiques, cool old junk, used tools, fine arts and crafts, fresh-cut-flowers, esoterica, live music, food trucks and entertainments for all ages.

The Flea Off Market is held on the second Saturday of every month, along Shelby Street and in the lot next to Salvo Collective, 216 South Shelby Street (between Market and Nanny Goat Strut Alley). The event lasts from 12-6PM.

Fly Away Fox will be selling a large variety of vintage and handmade items. Here’s a little preview.

Featured Louisville Etsy Seller

Peacemama is a great vintage Etsy store run by Gretchen Hunt, a Louisville lawyer working to end violence against women. She’s also a crafter and makes fabulous items ranging from little girl skirts made of vintage fabric to artwork. Her vintage shop currently has some cute vintage owls as well as vintage patterns. Check it out and pick up a pattern to start a new sewing project!

She also has a great blog

Gretchen Hunt can also be found at local art fairs so be on the lookout for her fabulous creations at the upcoming Flea Off Market and Buy Local First Fair!

Free Monthly Giveaway – Owls

Congrats to Lauren Taylor for winning the December giveaway, a handmade dry erase board! (Remember, each winner is chosen at random) There are still 6 more giveaways though, so don’t worry!

January’s giveaway is all about owls!  The set includes a vintage owl vase and vintage owl artwork.  A few cute little accents to decorate your home with! To be eligible to win just comment on this post about why you love owls!

The winner will be chosen in early February and announced on the blog at the next monthly giveaway.


Holiday Gift Guide – Children

Buy local for your nieces, nephews, children or friends’ children! These gifts are a great way to buy fabulous presents while supporting local artists and businesses.

These building block toys by Mia Boo on Etsy are adorable! Only $24 and $20 for the sets!

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New Etsy Vintage Store

It’s time to celebrate Cyper Monday! Fly Away Fox recently opened a second Etsy store dedicated just to vintage! We’ve got about 13 items currently listed including vintage cake stands, owls, and more! Since it’s Cyber Monday, Fly Away Fox is offering 15% off of any purchase! Enter junecleaver28 as the coupon code with your purchase to receive the discount.  It’s today only though so check out my shop!

Check out some of our inventory below!

Mod Cloth

Mod Cloth is a website that sells vintage and designer items. Their stock includes everything from clothes to hip retro accessories.  Not everything on the website is vintage, many items are by indie designers. Their collection is eclectic and offers something for everyone whether you want skinny jeans or a mid-century June Cleaver style dress. I chose a few of my favorite items to show you. Mod Cloth was started by one person and successfully grew into what it is today! Learn more on their website through their history and browse their collections!



Free Monthly Giveaway – Vintage Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers

Congrats to Katie Davis for winning the October apron giveaway! (Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t win, there are still 8 more giveaways left that you can participate in!)

November’s giveaway is in honor of Autumn, my favorite season.  I’m giving away these adorable vintage owl salt and pepper shakers! You know they’re going to look great on your dining room table!

To be eligible for the giveaway just comment on this post about your favorite thing about autumn!



DIY – baby tag blanket

This is an easy project that will take you less than 30 minutes to create! Why buy a generic baby blanket when you can make your own original one for around $15!

What you need:

  • half a yard of fabric. probably something soft like a flannel or fleece.
  • spool of ribbon.
  • thread to match fabric and ribbon
  • sewing machine
  • pins

Step 1: cut fabric into two identical rectangles.  If using the entire 1/2 yard is too big, you can cut the fabric down to 20″ x 16″ which is a good size for a baby 0-3 months. The smaller size is also good to use for strollers or baby carriers as a covering.

Step 2: cut ribbon into 6 inch strips. For 20″ x 16″ you need 14 strips. For larger size use 16-20.

Step 3: lay fabric pieces so that outside fabric is facing in, and the lining is facing outside

Step 4: fold ribbon in loops and pin to fabric. Pin loops facing inside. For 20″ x 16″ pin 3 loops to short side, 4 loops to long side. For larger side pin 4-5 loops to short side, 5-6 loops to long side.

Step 5: sew 3 sides down with sewing machine using basic straight stitch. sew 3/4 of last side leaving small 1 inch hole to pull blanket inside out.

Step 6: pull blanket inside out, iron out wrinkles and flatten blanket

Step 7: slip stitch 1 inch hole and close up blanket

Step 8: give blanket to a baby! the ribbon loops are perfect for teething and playing and helping babies develop motor skills

Featured Louisville Etsy Seller

Our first featured Etsy sellers are Louisville based graphic artists AJB&MTK. They sell everything from cool graphic tees to prints and posters. Their style is fun and colorful with interesting vintage inspired images and fonts. Below are a few samples of their work available for sale on Etsy.

Check out their Etsy Shop!    Check out their website!