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Warby Parker

My husband recently told me about a company he’s planning on ordering his new glasses from. Warby Parker, based out of New York, is leading the way in affordable designer glasses. They use vintage-inspired designs with a modern and contemporary look. The low prices and home try on program are just two of the reasons why Warby Parker leaves their customers satisfied. WP also offers another incentive for their customers similar to Tom’s Shoes. For every pair bought from WP, another pair is given to Vision Spring that provides someone in need with glasses.

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Spider Plants

Plants are a great way to bring life into any room.  Spider Plants are one of the easiest houseplants to grow so if you love plants but don’t have much of a green thumb this is perfect for you! They have beautiful long green and white leaves and reproduce often.  I have three spider plants in my home right now and I love them!  I root and pot the offspring from my plants and give them to my friends and family as gifts.  You can customize your plants in fun pots and it’s a great gift for a housewarming, birthday, etc.  Spider plants can be displayed in hanging pots or on shelves and coffee tables.

You can find spider plants at most nurseries locally. I like Frank Ott Nursery.  You can also find them at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Here are some easy directions for how to care for spider plants

Original Makers Club

Original Makers Club is a High End, Design and Cultural Guide to Louisville. The print edition and website highlight local businesses ranging from interior designers to restaurants and craftsmen.

Ikea Hackers

Ikea Hackers is a website dedicated to modifying and repurposing Ikea products.  Anyone can send in their own “ikea hack” which can include anything from a simple embellishment to a full transformation. Check out some of my favorite “hacks” below!



Free Monthly Giveaway – Owls

Congrats to Lauren Taylor for winning the December giveaway, a handmade dry erase board! (Remember, each winner is chosen at random) There are still 6 more giveaways though, so don’t worry!

January’s giveaway is all about owls!  The set includes a vintage owl vase and vintage owl artwork.  A few cute little accents to decorate your home with! To be eligible to win just comment on this post about why you love owls!

The winner will be chosen in early February and announced on the blog at the next monthly giveaway.


Louisville Craft Trail

The Louisville Craft Trail is a group of artists and crafts people working in metal, glass, ceramic, print, wood and paint, with studios open to the public. We include fine American craft galleries and museums that support Kentucky artists. This offers both visitors and locals an easy way to tour the rich creative art scene in Louisville Kentucky. The objective is to create a web presence in conjunction with state and local tourism that will make artist craftsmen studio-galleries a destination point for local and tourist craft enthusiasts. It is our desire to create an opportunity for artists to promote their work and educate the public about their art.

Craftsmen include Inherited Leather and Hound Dog Press

Scarlet Hope Bedroom Makeover

It’s finally finished! My bedroom renovation at the Scarlet Hope house is complete. The Hope House is located in beautiful Crescent Hill and will serve as a transitional home for women in Louisville who want to leave the adult entertainment industry.

Scarlet Hope’s mission is to bring the Hope and Love of Jesus Christ to women in the adult entertainment industry. By sharing the gospel message with these women through action and words we are proclaiming the name of Jesus who is their only Hope to be free from bondage. Scarlet Hope provides resources such as transitional job change, housing, mentoring, transportation and drug rehabilitation.

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