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Spider Plants

Plants are a great way to bring life into any room.  Spider Plants are one of the easiest houseplants to grow so if you love plants but don’t have much of a green thumb this is perfect for you! They have beautiful long green and white leaves and reproduce often.  I have three spider plants in my home right now and I love them!  I root and pot the offspring from my plants and give them to my friends and family as gifts.  You can customize your plants in fun pots and it’s a great gift for a housewarming, birthday, etc.  Spider plants can be displayed in hanging pots or on shelves and coffee tables.

You can find spider plants at most nurseries locally. I like Frank Ott Nursery.  You can also find them at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Here are some easy directions for how to care for spider plants

Flea Off Market

The Flea Off Market is a once-a-month outdoor bazaar that will take place in the heart of Louisville, off Market on Shelby Street. There will be dozens of vendors each month offering a wide variety of tantalizing wares. There will be books, records, bicycles, kittens, antiques, cool old junk, used tools, fine arts and crafts, fresh-cut-flowers, esoterica, live music, and entertainments for all ages (bring the kids!) The Flea Off Market will also have food trucks selling toothsome delights and plenty of refreshing alcoholic beverages.

So come on down to The Flea Off Market! It will happen the second Saturday of every month, along Shelby Street and in the lot next to Salvo Collective, 216 South Shelby Street (between Market and Nanny Goat Strut Alley).

The next market will be tomorrow, December 10th from 12:00-5:00 PM. Fly Away Fox will be there selling all kinds of vintage stuff! Here’s a sampling of our vintage inventory to give you a taste of what to expect tomorrow!

Green Haus – 1 Year Anniversary

Green Haus is a fabulous business located on Preston Street in Louisville. They sell vintage furniture, local art, wine, beer, succulent plants, vinyl records, etc. It’s an eclectic mix of modern and vintage. It’s their one year anniversary today and they’re having a celebration starting at 4PM.  Stop by to sample food, wine, chocolate and coffee!

Check out some photos of their space and like them on Facebook!


Known mostly for watercolors, Bob Halliday is a staple in the Louisville art scene. He recently branched out and created a series of paintings about bridges in Louisville. The works are modern and architectural and remind me of Swedish design.  Each piece is unique and offers a different perspective on what many of us view as a mundane object. The detailing of the rust shown in the photos below adds just enough realism to the almost abstract “pop art” works. These are definitely a must-have if you’re looking to add some color to your walls.  See more work by Bob Halliday!







I love Jadeite. It is characterized by an opaque, pale-green color and looks a lot like porcelain and milk glass. I think it has a sophisticated retro feel and really adds some great color to your tableware and kitchen. I’ve seen it a few items at Antique Malls but many of the items are very expensive because they’re collectibles. Paula Deen collects Jadeite and her website had some great factual information about it. Read on below.

McKee was the first to manufacture jadeite, but the Jeannette Glass Company is credited for coining the name. However, Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation became its largest producer. In 1942, Anchor Hocking debuted the popular Fire-King line in a variety of colors, but jadeite (or “Jade-ite” as the company calls it) remained in high demand for 30 years.

The stain- and heat-resistant tableware was served in frugal diners across America. Additionally, restaurant owners could save money by serving coffee in thick-rimmed “cheater mugs” that appeared to hold more than they actually did. The simple design of the Anchor Hocking Restaurant Ware was one of the most popular lines produced from 1950 to 1956. Today, Restaurant Ware is also the most collected, in part because of its sheer abundance. Read more.

Here are some photos of Jadeite items that I’ve seen on my vintage shopping trips.


DIY – baby burp towels

One of my best friends from high school recently had a baby shower. I wanted to make her some unique handmade items to match her baby bedding so I worked on some baby burp towels. These are extremely easy to make. Just follow the steps below.

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Cake Stands

Fly Away Fox has some new cake stands for sale! These stands are made with vintage plates (mostly 1970s Japanese stoneware) and vintage colored goblets. These stands are great as table centerpieces and can also hold pies, cookies, and savory hors d’oeuvres! Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. Pick one up today for only $15!


Nava Lubelski

I recently saw Nava Lubelski’s artwork at the Asheville Art Museum when I was on vacation. I was immediately drawn to her work. I am fascinated by the use of thread on the canvas. If you look closely at the photos you’ll see how she sews and uses the thread to create webs and add dimension to the paint. Her artwork is striking and beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like it before. Check out her website!

Photos from Nava Lubelski’s website


Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with needles, thread and yarn.  I am a big fan of embroidery artwork with yarn.  Here are three vintage works that I have. These pieces have a country craft feel but still embody mid-century style.

Visit to learn how to embroider for yourself!

For local information about embroidery check out Louisville Embroidery at 714 E Chesnut street, The Embroider’s Guild of America at 426 W Jefferson Street, or You’re Sew Vain at 3937 Chenoweth Square



Quilt Garden

I visited the Arboretum in Asheville, North Carolina while I was on vacation and viewed their Quilt Garden while I was there.  Check out my photos below and learn more about the quilt garden here.