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Aaron Tucker

Aaron Tucker is a southern artist who lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina. He began his artistic training at age eleven under the tutelage of an artistic father. After doing some extensive travel in the United States, he went back to school and studied painting formally at Ball State University, where he graduated with a BFA.

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Cake Stands

Fly Away Fox has some new cake stands for sale! These stands are made with vintage plates (mostly 1970s Japanese stoneware) and vintage colored goblets. These stands are great as table centerpieces and can also hold pies, cookies, and savory hors d’oeuvres! Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind. Pick one up today for only $15!


Nava Lubelski

I recently saw Nava Lubelski’s artwork at the Asheville Art Museum when I was on vacation. I was immediately drawn to her work. I am fascinated by the use of thread on the canvas. If you look closely at the photos you’ll see how she sews and uses the thread to create webs and add dimension to the paint. Her artwork is striking and beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like it before. Check out her website!

Photos from Nava Lubelski’s website

Featured Louisville Etsy Seller

Mia Boo on Etsy sells unique handmade baby blocks! These cute little wooden toys are the perfect shower gift for a friend or for your very own little one at home. They’re colorful and can even be customized with names.  Check out the Mia Boo Etsy Shop!


Rachel Mueler

I recently viewed Rachel Mueler’s work at the Tim Faulkner Gallery in Louisville, KY. Rachel’s work represents mythology, fantasy and emotion. The figures, though odd in appearance, appear delicate and soft in each work. Her mixing of materials (watercolor, gouache, and ink) and use of negative space is brilliant and adds depth to the paintings.  The photos included below are part of the Fuyapasa series from 2011.

The landscape and characters of the Fuyapasa embody the dynamic struggle between the self and other, both internally and externally. The Fuyapasa are monsters. They are guardians. They are heroes.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Meuler

Photo credits: Tripod Twinsies, Egghead Sage, Bridgebone, Tumor Toadstool, Birdcage Twinsies, Humer Bridge

Home Spotlight – Jacque Parsley

Today we’re taking a peek into the home of Louisville artist Jacque Parsley and her husband Dr. Robert Solinger.  This couple lives in the Crescent Hill neighborhood in a restored barn. The architecture and layout of the house are unique which add interesting elements of design. They have an extensive art collection, in-home gallery walls, artistic furniture, a spiral staircase and more! Jacque and Robert don’t abide by the conservative rules of hanging art and matching color schemes. Their design taste is bold and exciting.  Their home is a mix of museum quality work with the fun and whimsy of a circus. It’s absolutely gorgeous! We could go on and on but the pictures will speak for themselves.


Jeroen Allart

Jeroen Allart is a Dutch painter who creates beautiful works using bright bold colors and simple shapes. His bird paintings are my favorite but he also creates beautiful landscapes and portraits.


Learn more about Jeroen Allart.