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Tiny Sea

I’m currently undergoing a redesign of my website. One of the new additions will be one of these Soy Milk Chevron Backgrounds from Tiny Sea.

Here are some other free backgrounds from Tiny Sea that you can use for your website, blog and craft projects!



Imogene + Willie

Imogene + Willie is a denim company based in Nashville, TN.  They style and manufacture their own clothes. I love how their designs are inspired by their grandparents and family history.

I picked out a pair of jeans for myself and my husband. Now I’m just going to cross my fingers and wish for these for my birthday!

Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak is a clothing line for men based in Montreal. They manufacture, retail and design all of the items. Launched in 2012, the store is based entirely online and offers high fashion and quality clothes for men. Since there is no middle man and you purchase directly from Frank & Oak, the prices are affordable. Every item is under $50 and shipping to the US is only $6.

I chose a few of my favorite items from April’s collection to share with you.

Elysium Tie in Denim, Camden Scarf in Army, Monogram Tee in Marine, Marshall Cuff Links, Narita Shirt in Vintage Black.





20th Century Cincinnati

My husband and I attended 20th Century Cincinnati this past Saturday. It was truly a vintage mecca. Most of the vendors sold mid-century items and there were a few Art Deco booths as well.  One of my favorite things was the special exhibit about Bakelite. I’ve never seen so many Bakelite radios in one place! There was also a lot of Bakelite jewelry on display along with some backgammon games and silverware.


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Julia Galloway

Julia Galloway is a utilitarian potter and professor. I first saw her work at the 2007 DinnerWorks exhibition at the Louisville Visual Art Association.  I own one of her pieces, a tumbler, but wish I had more.  The piece I own is from her “Audubon” collection.  I love the pitcher and cream & sugar set below from the same collection. These pieces have gold glaze that compliments the blue and white etched tree and bird imagery.

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Ikea Sells Fabric!

I just discovered on a recent trip to Charlotte that Ikea sells fabric! How had I never noticed before! Perfect for DIY projects like throw pillows, curtains, and chair cushions! It’s affordable and modern so head up to Cincinnati and get some today!

Here are some of my favorite designs:

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Every time I’m with my sister shopping for antiques and vintage finds (which is often), I ask her, “What is that blue glass called that looks like Jadeite?” Every time she answers, “Delphite.”  I was afraid I kept getting on her nerves so I finally remembered to write it down and then decided to blog about it. Many of my friends have never heard of or seen Delphite before so I figured it was a great jumping off point for the new direction I want to take for this blog. My plan is to start providing my readers with more information (history, facts, etc.) on interesting vintage and antique items. These posts won’t be daily but will be often.

Delphite (pronounced del-fite and nicknamed Bluebelle) is a Depression-era opaque pale blue colored glass. It was first made by Jeannette Glass company in the 1920-30s and other companies like Pyrex and McKee. Delphite is highly collectible and scarce (but not impossible to find) so keep your eye out when you see pastel blue glass at estate sales or thrift stores.  The most common Delphite glass items are kitchen canisters, measuring cups, bowls, drip jars, and shakers.  Dinnerware items are also available like plates and cups but were not produced as much as the kitchenware.

Jeannette Glass Company began at the end of the 19th century as a bottle plant in Pennsylvania. In 1925 they introduced color and began producing some of the most popular lines of dinnerware and kitchenware including Jadeite and Chalaine Blue.

Here are some Delphite items currently for sale online.

Information from: 


Harvest Restaurant

Harvest Restaurant is a local establishment located in the NuLu district.  They feature delicious creations by Chef Coby Ming made with locally sourced ingredients. Their menu is constantly changing but includes items like:

burger, chevre, bibb lettuce, hog jowl bacon jam, pretzel bun

buttermilk fried chicken, arugula biscuit hoecake, smoked peppercorn gravy

ravioli, smoked goat cheese, roasted mushroom broth, garlic crouton, rapini pesto

greens, house cured bacon, scallions, warm sherry vinaigrette, poached local egg

smoked pork shoulder, rapini, potato cakes, garlic-sage jus

sorghum spice cookie / vanilla ice cream / candied bacon

Harvest’s Bar Manager Stacie Stewart had a drink featured in the December 2011 Southern Living! Hot Buttered Rye!

Harvest Restaurant is the happy home to Fly Away Fox blue mason jar soap dispensers!!!! If you haven’t been to Harvest yet, head down there for some delicious local fare and check out my dispensers when you use the restroom.

Harvest Restaurant is located 624 East Market Street, Louisville, KY 40202

Lunch – Tuesday – Friday, 11am-2:30pm
Dinner – Tuesday – Thursday, 5pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday, 5pm-11pm
Brunch – Saturday, 11am-2:30pm, Sunday, 11am-2:30pm
Bar – Tuesday-Thursday, 11am-11pm, Friday and Saturday, 11am-12pm

Molly Hatch

Molly Hatch is a ceramicist based in Massachusetts.   She’s created work for Anthropologie and has participated in exhibitions across the country including the 2008 DinnerWorks exhibition here in Louisville at LVAA. Her work is absolutely beautiful and draws heavily from historical trends in fabric, fonts, furniture, etc.

I own some of her items that I proudly display in my home, like the blue and white bird ceramic glasses shown below. Her work for Anthropologie is the set of four glass tumblers shown below.  She also creates fabric patterns, pen and ink drawings, jewelry and furniture.

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Known mostly for watercolors, Bob Halliday is a staple in the Louisville art scene. He recently branched out and created a series of paintings about bridges in Louisville. The works are modern and architectural and remind me of Swedish design.  Each piece is unique and offers a different perspective on what many of us view as a mundane object. The detailing of the rust shown in the photos below adds just enough realism to the almost abstract “pop art” works. These are definitely a must-have if you’re looking to add some color to your walls.  See more work by Bob Halliday!