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Laura Fauna

Laura Fauna is a Louisville-based clothes designer and manufacturer. She is well known for her beautiful dresses but also makes skirts, scarves etc.  You can find Laura Fauna’s work on Etsy, in stores around Louisville (like Cherry Bomb) and at art fairs.

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I love browsing the kickstarter website looking for interesting projects. I was looking through the fashion category and stumbled upon Kordal. Kordal is based in New York and is a knitwear clothing company. Their project on kickstarter is to raise $10,000 by May 18 to help launch the 2013 Spring collection and attend the Capsule Trade Show in New York City.

I think their items are beautifully crafted and I love the idea of combining high end style with comfort. Watch their video here and maybe you’ll be inspired to donate! They have a great selection of knitted incentives including ties, bracelets, hats and sweaters!

Imogene + Willie

Imogene + Willie is a denim company based in Nashville, TN.  They style and manufacture their own clothes. I love how their designs are inspired by their grandparents and family history.

I picked out a pair of jeans for myself and my husband. Now I’m just going to cross my fingers and wish for these for my birthday!


I love the 1960s and one of my favorite style icons from that time is Twiggy.

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Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak is a clothing line for men based in Montreal. They manufacture, retail and design all of the items. Launched in 2012, the store is based entirely online and offers high fashion and quality clothes for men. Since there is no middle man and you purchase directly from Frank & Oak, the prices are affordable. Every item is under $50 and shipping to the US is only $6.

I chose a few of my favorite items from April’s collection to share with you.

Elysium Tie in Denim, Camden Scarf in Army, Monogram Tee in Marine, Marshall Cuff Links, Narita Shirt in Vintage Black.


Believe it or not, Facebook has been a treasure trove for me. I’ve discovered a variety of great new websites and businesses on there. I recently came across this new start-up in San Francisco called Started in 2011, is an online shopping website specializing in clothes and accessories like shoes and bags.

The website is easy to navigate and includes a large selection of vintage items but you have to sift through a lot of bad stuff to find the good pieces.  Designer clothes are also available including brands like Urban Outfitters and Burberry. It’s not as well designed as Etsy, but has only been around for a year and is still growing. You can search by Brand name, style, color, and category of item (i.e. skirt, pants, etc)

I’ve spent time browsing the vintage clothes and have come across quite a few that I like. Here are some of my favorites. (Click on the image to visit the online shop)

If you’re in the mood for Spring cleaning, list your stuff on and make some money!

Vera Scarves

I love vintage scarves. They’re comfortable and versatile and a great way to spruce up any outfit! When shopping for vintage scarves, you’ve probably come across brightly colored scarves with geometric shapes and patterns with the name Vera or a ladybug in the corner. These are Vera Scarves, designed by artist Vera Neumann.

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Hansel from Basel

hansel from basel is an independent legwear company based in los angeles, california.
inspired by the small details of everyday life, they strive to create tasteful and spirited socks, tights, and accessories.

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Moss Hill

I love health and beauty products. I’ve recently started to take baths and have come to enjoy pampering items like candles and aromatherapy oils. Moss Hill is a Louisville based company specializing in bath and beauty products. Start the new year off right and treat yourself!

lavender sachets

shaving soap

peppermint foot soap


Warby Parker

My husband recently told me about a company he’s planning on ordering his new glasses from. Warby Parker, based out of New York, is leading the way in affordable designer glasses. They use vintage-inspired designs with a modern and contemporary look. The low prices and home try on program are just two of the reasons why Warby Parker leaves their customers satisfied. WP also offers another incentive for their customers similar to Tom’s Shoes. For every pair bought from WP, another pair is given to Vision Spring that provides someone in need with glasses.

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