Emily Church

Emily Church is an emerging painter originally from Louisville but now living/working in Brooklyn. I first viewed her work in an exhibition at Galerie Hertz in Louisville, 2010. The exhibition included a series of paintings by Church featuring images from the forests of Slovenia.  I had never been more entranced by paintings of nature before. I love how she complements the lonely landscape with vivid yellows and greens; her use of color and perspective is enchanting. Below are a few images from that series, though the pictures do not do them justice. Each canvas measures 30″x30″ and the large paintings further support the artist’s desire to captivate the viewer.

Her current works exude elements of abstraction and show how the artist is challenging herself through experimentation.  I chose a few of the paintings that I think showcase Church’s talented use of light, color and composition.

Emily Church received a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and is finishing up an MFA from New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture this year.  She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Louisville, St. Louis and New York and will have a new exhibition opening at Galerie Hertz in Louisville (1253 South Preston Street) on June 17, 2012. 1-4PM. Stop in to view the work, meet the artist, and hopefully add to your own art collection.


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  1. Emily Church says:

    Thanks for the nice post! Updated show date at Galerie Hertz is now June 24, 2012.

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