Heywood-Wakefield Company was established in 1826 as a producer of wicker and rattan furniture.  They began creating wood furniture during the Arts and Crafts movement with sleek modern designs that continued through the 1930s in the French Art Deco style. They are most well known for their mid-century modern style furniture pieces which are also the most common Heywood-Wakefield items that you’ll find today. My friend Camille has a mid-century Heywood-Wakefield coffee table in her home almost identical to the one below but I know she didn’t spend anywhere close to $900! (remember… estate sales!)


In 1992, Heywood-Wakefield was purchased by South Beach Furniture, a company known for their Art Deco style. They’ve been producing Heywood-Wakefield furniture ever since. It’s important to note that this company only sells “new” Heywood-Wakefield items. These items are still beautiful though!


For actual vintage Heywood-Wakefield furniture , Ebay, Boomerang Modern,  and Strictly Heywake are great resources.




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