When shopping for vintage glass, it’s important to know the differences in the brands. Glasbake is a well-known brand of vintage glass and bakeware. It was introduced by McKee Glass Company in the early 1900s. The spelling was originally Glasbak, but was changed to Glasbake. McKee Glass Company became a division of Thatcher Glass Corporation (1951-1961).  Jeannette Glass of Jeannette, PA gained control of McKee Glass in 1960.

Glasbake produced by Jeannette Glass will most often have a J prefix followed by a number om the bottom of each piece.  Jeannette Glass closed their doors in 1983.  (That’s how you can tell when your Glasbake was made. If it has a J prefix it was produced after 1960.)



Glasbake can be used for cooking, storing and serving your food. Many people are turning back to glass for environmentally friendly reasons so keep your eyes out for some cool Glasbake when at the thrift store or yard sale. One of the most common Glasbake items that I find are soup mugs. I found a set of four brown ones at a Louisville Peddler’s Mall. They’re for sale on my Etsy shop!
I’ve included some pictures below of other Glasbake items from a website called Mad About Mugs.




For Louisville treasure hunters I would suggest hitting up the many Peddler’s Malls for some vintage Glasbake. You can also try Tickled Pink on Taylor Boulevard, Unique Thrift Store, and maybe even Goodwill. Of course there are always estate sales which often yield fabulous vintage collectibles.  Make sure to get up early for those though!


Make sure you check the bottom of vintage glass when you find it in thrift stores to help you know whether it’s really vintage. Most brands will have their name on the bottom: Glasbake, Pyrex, Anchor Hocking, Fire King, Federal, Maid of Honor, etc.




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