Dixie Highway

Dixie Highway may not seem like a fabulous vintage shopping spot but it’s a vintage oasis! I went out with my friends Camille and Tanya a few weeks ago to the Dixie Highway Peddler’s Mall and the Dixie Trading Post to look for one-of-a-kind treasures. I found some depression glass sorbet dishes, vintage plates, a desk lamp and other accessories!  We even found an amazing vintage microwave at the Peddler’s Mall but had no use for it so it couldn’t come home with us. Check out these kitchen canisters that I found though, for just $10!



My friend Camille in a gorgeous $5 hat! Fabulous brown desk lamp that I found for $3!

This copper dish rack came with the canisters. It folds out to be twice it’s length.






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  1. Teresa Theesfeld says:

    Is the copper dish rack for sale?


  2. Simone Morris says:

    Hi, I like your site and all your unique finds. I really want the above shot copper dish rack. Are you willing to part with it? I want to buy it. Please let me know. Thanks!

  3. flyawayfox says:

    Hi ladies, I’m very sorry but the copper dish rack is not for sale.

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