Scarlet Hope Bedroom Makeover

It’s finally finished! My bedroom renovation at the Scarlet Hope house is complete. The Hope House is located in beautiful Crescent Hill and will serve as a transitional home for women in Louisville who want to leave the adult entertainment industry.

Scarlet Hope’s mission is to bring the Hope and Love of Jesus Christ to women in the adult entertainment industry. By sharing the gospel message with these women through action and words we are proclaiming the name of Jesus who is their only Hope to be free from bondage. Scarlet Hope provides resources such as transitional job change, housing, mentoring, transportation and drug rehabilitation.

The colors of my bedroom are gray, yellow, white and red. My bedroom consists of handmade, store bought and vintage finds. The bedroom, white chair and dresser are vintage and were donated to the room.  The sheets, comforter, mirror, closet shoe rack and towels were all purchased on sale at Target. The nightstand and red fleece blanket are from Ikea. The curtain and lamp are thrift finds but I made handmade flowers for the lamp shade. All of the artwork is handmade. The Woof print is from my friend Elizabeth Smith who runs Posies and Plume.  The rest of the artwork I made using vintage fabric, type, paper and a vintage kitchen towel. I also created a magnet board with a vintage silver tray and handmade magnets that I placed on top of the dresser. It’s perfect for photos and notes. I then added two succulent plants from Greenhaus to bring some life into the room.

Here are some photos of my room. (The lighting was bad so hopefully these photos are okay)




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  1. Davida Sparks says:

    I think you have a wonderful job on this bedroom. Love the colors and what you chose to put into the room. Well done Mary.

  2. Davida Sparks says:

    I think you did a wonderful job.

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