Free Monthly Giveaway – Owls

Congrats to Lauren Taylor for winning the December giveaway, a handmade dry erase board! (Remember, each winner is chosen at random) There are still 6 more giveaways though, so don’t worry!

January’s giveaway is all about owls!  The set includes a vintage owl vase and vintage owl artwork.  A few cute little accents to decorate your home with! To be eligible to win just comment on this post about why you love owls!

The winner will be chosen in early February and announced on the blog at the next monthly giveaway.



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  1. Szabina L says:

    I love owls because they are the symbols of wisdom , but in real a human never can get the perfectly wisdom so then there’s just a goal we need to reach. Not so philosophically I love owls because they’re the birds of night as I am ( mainly in exam periods :)) my ultimate favorites are the pretty little howlet and the superb snow-owl O_*

  2. Marta says:

    I love the quiet, serene beauty of owls, yet at the same time they are very efficient hunters. They are such intriguing creatures!

  3. I love owls for lots of reasons, but my biggest one comes from my future step-daughter. Her name is Sophia, which is Greek for “wisdom,” and the owl became a symbol for wisdom, as it was associated with the goddess Athena. Consequently, Sophia’s mother/my fiancee, loves owls and is a sucker for anything owl. Fortunately, I’m down with the owl. 🙂

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