Every time I’m with my sister shopping for antiques and vintage finds (which is often), I ask her, “What is that blue glass called that looks like Jadeite?” Every time she answers, “Delphite.”  I was afraid I kept getting on her nerves so I finally remembered to write it down and then decided to blog about it. Many of my friends have never heard of or seen Delphite before so I figured it was a great jumping off point for the new direction I want to take for this blog. My plan is to start providing my readers with more information (history, facts, etc.) on interesting vintage and antique items. These posts won’t be daily but will be often.

Delphite (pronounced del-fite and nicknamed Bluebelle) is a Depression-era opaque pale blue colored glass. It was first made by Jeannette Glass company in the 1920-30s and other companies like Pyrex and McKee. Delphite is highly collectible and scarce (but not impossible to find) so keep your eye out when you see pastel blue glass at estate sales or thrift stores.  The most common Delphite glass items are kitchen canisters, measuring cups, bowls, drip jars, and shakers.  Dinnerware items are also available like plates and cups but were not produced as much as the kitchenware.

Jeannette Glass Company began at the end of the 19th century as a bottle plant in Pennsylvania. In 1925 they introduced color and began producing some of the most popular lines of dinnerware and kitchenware including Jadeite and Chalaine Blue.

Here are some Delphite items currently for sale online.

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