The Quilt Trail

Quilts and farming have been a staple of Southern culture for decades.  Painted quilts on barns as part of “The Quilt Trail” are a new trend in rural areas, especially Kentucky.  These beautiful painted quilts are a way of creative expression and cultural pride.

The Quilt Trail project began in Adams County, Ohio, when Donna Sue Groves, a field representative for the Ohio Arts Council, decided that she wanted a quilt square painted on her barn to honor her mother, a lifelong quilter. Donna Sue shared her idea with friends in the community, who offered their help. They decided that if they were going to paint one quilt square, they might as well paint twenty and create a driving tour to attract tourists to their rural community. (Information provided by Kentucky Arts Council)

This website has great photos of barn quilts!

The Kentucky Arts Council has a website dedicated to the Quilt Trails! Check it out!


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  1. I love the quilt squares on the barns! We see more of these every time we come home to KY. We have even seen a few in NC! My favorite is the Shaker tree of life on the barns at Shaker Village.

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