Free Monthly Giveaway – Apron

Congrats to Meg Shaffer for winning the September Pyrex giveaway! October’s giveaway is just as amazing and is perfect for Autumn. When the weather gets cold, I always get in a baking mood and what better way to bake than in this handmade vintage apron! This plaid apron is handmade by Fly Away Fox with vintage and repurposed materials.  It’s brown with orange and brown stripes, ties in the back and has two pockets in the front.

To be eligible for the giveaway just post about what you love to bake in Autumn! Pumpkin pie? apple crumble? Let us know!


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  1. Autumn is the kickoff of baking season- and I love it!
    I love to make cranberry sauce- and this year am looking forward to making a cranberry glaze on baked chicken!
    My favorite thing to make is probably anything sweet, spicy, and savory. So, pumpkin bread, pie, muffins. Squash bread, muffins, soup… Sweet potato pie, casserole…
    Fresh from the farmer veggies and fruits always taste the best!

  2. Anna Lewis says:

    I just got done baking two beautiful pumpkin cheesecakes with yummy Graham/cinnamon crumb crust. I then topped it off with a toasted pecan caramel and whipped cream.

  3. Katie (Vaughn) Davis says:

    Every fall and holiday season I’m entranced by glossy magazine covers of ridiculously sinful looking desserts. I’m always determined to tackle those culinary wonders, but every year I never get around to it because I love my old faithful standby: apple crisp!! To me, there is absolutely nothing more comforting and lovely on a cold fall day then a hot chai or coffee with a large serving (or two 😉 ) of crumbly, caramelly applecrisp. @sigh@ as I made one today, I think I’ll go have a piece right now….

  4. Sarah Nolan says:

    Since Tyler and I got married, I have been such a little housewife ha ha. I have really enjoyed baking and trying out new recipes. This autumn, I am determined to make fresh fruit pies with apples and berries. So far this autumn season, I have made peach and apple crisps as well as a honey vanilla pound cake! I recently bought a new Christmas cookbook from Dillard’s, and I cannot wait to test it out!

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