Just Creations

Just Creations is a fair trade retail store and non-profit organization. Situated in the heart of Crescent Hill on historic Frankfort Avenue, this store is the only one of its kind in Louisville.  I have the fortune of being on the board of directors there but I was a customer long before that.  They sell everything including baskets, coffee, dresses, notecards, artwork and toys. It’s the one place in town where you want to be a consumer. Because Just Creations is a fair trade store, they pay fair wages for the products they buy. This provides people overseas and in the US with money to provide for their families. It’s the kind of place where you learn the stories behind the products and then you want to buy everything because you know it’s helping people put food on their table.  Below are some of my favorite Just Creations products that I own.  The woven purse is from Egypt, the red scarf from South America, the baskets from Africa.

Stop by Just Creations and get yourself some fair trade international treasures.

2722 Frankfort Avenue. Open Monday-Saturday 10-6PM.

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